REVIEW: Foxy Luu’s – Byron Bay, Australia

Opening late 2017, Foxy Luu’s is a recent addition to Byron Bay. Combining pungent flavours of Asian street-food with funky red-lights and vibrant interiors. It’s a quirky gem hidden in Aussie’s boho beach town. We recently had the pleasure of trying out some of their vegetarian menu options… Foxy Luu’s specialise in soft Gua Bao […]

halloween treats

5 Spooky Halloween Treats

This past year has flown by (we can’t believe it!) Halloween is fast approaching and it’s one of our favourite times of year! It’s a great excuse to dress up, meet up and have fun with friends and family. But it’s also an amazing opportunity to unleash your creativity in the kitchen. Especially if you’ve […]

5 Very Tasty Veggie Tacos

Hola amigo! Here we are again sharing some delicious meatless alternatives to your favourites. Keeping you inspired and motivated to maintain a life without meat is what Sunday Shares are all about. This time, we have some tasty lookin’ veggie tacos to excite ya senses. These Mexican hand-held meals with their endless amount of topping […]

creamy shrimp pasta

5 Creamy Shrimp Pasta Craves

There’s something about creamy pasta dishes that gets us going. They’re rich, full of flavour and manage to hit the spot every time. There’s many benefits of going pescatarian before vegetarian. And we don’t doubt these 5 creamy shrimp pasta recipes will keep your mid-week carb cravings satisfied. They all use a different type of […]