vegan pancakes

Chocolaty Vegan Pancakes

Who says you can only eat pancakes one day of the year? Pancakes are one of the best treats all year round! That’s because they’re tasty, easy and quick to make. But as more people create healthy and high-protein recipes, they’re now becoming a guilt-free treat. These chocolaty vegan pancakes are delicious and they’re ready […]

Beetroot Brownies

Chocolate Orange Beetroot Brownies

Beetroot Brownies?! Yes, you read correctly. You may think putting a vegetable in a desert recipe is a little odd but it’s the Beetroot which makes these brownies the deliciously gooey, melt-in-your mouth type they are; and boy are they good! Energy-boosting coffee and zesty orange are well-known compliments to chocolate in the world of […]

Mini Banoffee Pots

Ever wondered what you can do with shop-bought dessert jars? You can keep them, clean them and use them… They are a great way of up-cycling and creating your own mini puds as we’ve done here! Banoffee Pie is one of our all-time favourites so we couldn’t resist making mini Banoffee pots with some spare […]