Driven by a curiosity in human behaviour and profound love of cooking, Life Without Meat started in 2016.

Life Without Meat is dedicated to sharing delicious recipes, practical tips, and lifestyle advice to empower you to embrace the journey of vegan living. After all, it’s about progress not perfection when making big changes such as going vegan. This blog aims to support you on your journey towards a more conscious and compassionate way of eating; while inspiring a new love of cooking and culinary creativity within you.


There’s many reasons for choosing this lifestyle. However, the three main reasons include:

  • Animal rights & welfare
  • Environmental ethics  
  • Health benefits

For a more detailed list, you can read these this list of Top 10 reasons why #lifewithoutmeat is a great idea.


On this site, you’ll find an array of mainly vegan recipes. Along with a few pescatarian and vegetarian recipes for those who wish to make a gradual transition – as my journey into veganism evolved, so did the blog!

You’ll also find easy-to-read articles aimed to educate and inspire you with food facts, culinary tips, tricks and health-related biz.

Finally, since I love sharing my own experiences, I thought I’d take you on a little adventure of exploring different cultures, restaurants and world foods with my travel articles. With current concerns for climate change, the environment and wildlife, I showcase ideas for sustainable travel and ethical animal tourism.


Me – Georgia! I’m so excited that you’re here. Have a little browse and I hope you leave with some positive vibes and new ideas.

My vegan journey began in 2015, not long after I graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in Psychology. I ditched red meat and poultry overnight after my brother showed me harsh footage of the agricultural industry. I started as a pescatarian; then in 2017, I went vegetarian after learning more about the negative impacts of fishing. I then did my first Veganuary in 2019 and went full vegan later that year.

My life without meat has been one of the most eye-opening and thought-provoking decisions I made, and I have loved the learning experience that has come with it. I’m so pleased to see the numbers of people embracing this lifestyle increase.

My background in Psychology also fuels a curiosity about human behavior and the psychology of habit change. I like to explore the mental obstacles we face when confronted with information that challenges our established norms; and how these can be overcome when going vegan. My commitment to sharing inspiration and empowering content reflects my belief in the power of small actions to effect meaningful change.

Since committing to a sustainable, vegan lifestyle, I’m incredibly passionate about everything it stands for. It has profoundly transformed my outlook on life. In the last couple of years, I’ve become more mindful of ways to reflect these values in my professional life, focusing on meaningful work that positively impacts others. Nowadays, I would describe myself as a passionate advocate for sustainable vegan living, creativity, and mindful consumption.

Beyond my blog, I channel my creativity into GMG Creative, where I offer bespoke services in wedding photography, vegan cakes, and art commissions.

Central to ALL my work is the endeavor to promote values of compassion and sustainability, ensuring that no individual or species suffers for the sake of artistic expression or business success.

Committed to making a positive impact, I also donate 5% of my monthly profits to charitable causes that align with the values and ethos of my work.

By integrating my passions and principles into both my personal and professional endeavours, I hope to showcase a holistic approach to vegan living with authenticity and ethics at the heart.


If Life Without Meat is a lifestyle you’re keen to try and maintain, then don’t forget to follow on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for regular updates and inspiration. If you’ve got a quick question or you’re a brand or company interested in working with me, then say hello!

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