Today, we are seeing more and more people choose a life without meat. Or at least begin to cut down the amount of meat they eat.

As you start learning about how meat is produced, you can see what a huge benefit going without can have for yourself, the animals and the environment. There’s no surprise it’s becoming more popular.

Since you’ve found your way here, you’re probably considering it for yourself. So, I’d LOVE to share with you my top 10 reasons why going meat-free is a great idea…life without meat

Weight Loss:

First off, let’s talk physical health and weight loss. Yep! Life without meat can make it easier for you to reach and maintain your dream body. Research shows individuals eating a vegetarian diet lose more weight than meat-eaters[1].

How so? Think about it. By ditching meat, you’re also ditching the high amounts of saturated fats found in it. You’ll begin to embrace more vegetables in your diet and with that, increase your fibre intake which is brilliant for helping your body digest and cleanse. This means a veggie diet has also been linked with lower rates of many health conditions such as coronary heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes. And in turn, later life longevity[2,3,4]. Bonus!

But wait, you might be questioning where you’d get all your protein, iron and nutrients from. Fear not. There’s many plant-based proteins and veggies that provide the same amount of (if not, more) nutrients and protein as meat does. Alongside frequent exercise, a healthy approach to a meat-free diet rich in vegetables, nutrients and vitamins will give your body all that it needs – and it’ll thank you in the long run.

Protection From Food Borne Illnesses:

It’ll also thank you for reducing its risk to foodborne illnesses which animal-derived foods[5] and the agricultural industry[6] are often linked with. For example, Salmonella, Trichinella (worms) and Toxoplasmosis parasites. By cutting out meat, you’re reducing your susceptibility to these and other viruses, bacterias and parasites.

You’re also reducing your exposure to the contaminants, hormones, pesticides and antibiotics which are all used in agriculture to meet society’s demand for animal foods[7]

life without meat

Mental Health:

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health right? So, you’ll be pleased to know a meat-free life will improve this and your energy levels too.

Animal-derived foods have high levels of arachidonic acid in them which can cause mood disturbances. Because of this, cutting meat out of your diet can improve your state of mood. Particularly states of depression, anxiety and stress – after only two weeks[8]. Plus, going veggie means you’ll be introducing loads more nutritious and energy-boosting foods in your diet. All of which will help you glow and feel good in everyday life.

You’ll Learn LOADS:

Speaking of introducing new foods, you’ll also learn a hell of a lot. Where you’ll think more carefully about your food choices, you’ll notice things you hadn’t before. For example, I never realised how much milk was used in crisps, and that traditional green pesto isn’t even vegetarian (let alone vegan!) 

Your mouth is like a blank canvas after ditching meat. So you’ll find yourself appreciating different tastes and textures of foods. You’ll realise meat-free cooking can be so simple and tasty, and not as meatless as you might think. Cutting meat from your diet will lend you time to experiment with ‘meaty’ plant-based proteins, and you’ll unleash more culinary creativity.

You’ll awaken your palate and experience how delicious a meat-free life can be. Trust me!

life without meat

Save Money:

Take a moment to think about how much money you spend on meat per week. The better quality and organic meat can cost a lot right? So going vegetarian can save you heaps of money. One portion of meat may provide you with X amount of protein and cost far more than a plant-based food providing you with the same, if not more, amount of protein[9]. Plus, given the benefits to your health, going vegetarian will no doubt cost you less in health care.

Have I won you over yet? I hope so. Butthere ares even bigger and better reasons to live life without meat.

I’ve spoken a lot about what it can do for you. But what impact can it have on animals and the planet? Read on to find out…




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