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Help Defeat World Hunger:

Isn’t it mad (and sad) to think that there are still vast amounts of people living in poverty around the world? With many of them going hungry and suffering from malnutrition. Have you ever wondered if there’s another way to help? Well choosing to live life without meat can. Let me explain how…

Many protein-rich crops that could be used to feed the hungry are instead being used to fatten and rear animals for meat production. And did you know an acre of land used to raise cattle can provide 20 pounds of meat, yet the same amount of land could grow 365 pounds of protein-rich soybeans? Therefore, if you reduced the percentage of calories you got from animal products, you could increase the amount of food available in the world. And by doing so, that could help defeat world hunger.[10]

Environmental Ethics:

It can also help defeat the environmental costs of the agricultural industry. These include depletion of fossil fuels, water, soil and biodiversity. Not forgetting the pollution caused by fuel combustion, pesticides and fertilisers. Then there’s the economic costs to communities[11].

The fishing industry is also renowned for having a negative impact on the environment. Fishing equipment such as dredgers and trawls which are dragged along the sea floor destroy precious marine life and coral that may have developed there for centuries[12]. It’s sad to think we will lose our magical and beautiful oceanic life sooner than nature intended. Even though I advocate a pescatarian diet to help you make the switch. For this very reason, I hope it only helps you move towards living life completely meat free…

life without meat

Animal Ethics:

Wouldn’t it be ideal to live in a world where human and animal rights are equally valued? Where animals were respected to live out their lives as nature intended. So, one of the most obvious reasons you might want to live life without meat would be to save animals.

Sadly, billions of animals are killed each year for human consumption. The majority of whom have spent their lives being cruelly treated; crammed into cages, crates or stalls where they can barely move or turn around. They’re fed a diet of bulking agents, pesticides and antibiotics; and some species have their young taken away or immediately killed at birth. The reality of it all is harsh to hear, but very true.

These animals have no legal protection from such cruelty, yet they’re no less intelligent or capable of feeling physical or emotional pain than our common household pets or 3-year-old children. Yep. Pigs are widely accepted as being more emotionally intelligent than a 3- year-old[13].

Not only pigs, but all animals killed for food are insightful, affectionate, thinking and feeling beings who value life as much as we do. Just think of your pet’s funny characteristics and obvious personality. The same goes for most animals.

Whether you like it or not, choosing meat means you choose to support the inhumane killing of animals. For no reason other than you think it tastes good.

By choosing a life without meat, you choose to respect animal’s lives and welfare; and refuse to take part in their exploitation. You choose to take steps towards a kinder, gentler and more peaceful world. As the infamous Buddha once said:

One should should not kill a living being, nor cause it to be killed, not should one incite another to kill. Do not injure any being, either strong or weak, in the world – Buddha

And for the record, you’ll be blown away by how delicious a meat-free life is.

After reading all that, who wouldn’t go veggie ey?

I understand that you’ve eaten meat from before you could even remember. Meat is the norm for you (it was for me too), and it’s no doubt on your weekly shopping list. But next time you’re shopping, take a moment to think about everything you’ve just read and what you’re buying into. Then ask yourself if it’s worth it. I guarantee you will put whatever it is it back on the shelf and start looking for your nearest meat-free alternative. But sometimes that’s where you can feel stuck. Especially if you don’t know what to look for instead.

And that’s where I want to help!

Here at Life Without Meat, I share all sorts of useful information. From recipes and restaurant reviews to informative articles and how to’s.

If you currently eat a lot of meat but the idea of cutting it out seems daunting (even though you want to). Then try going pescatarian before vegetarian for a while. This can help you cut down your meat intake and make the switch. This helps you achieve and maintain your long-term goal of a veggie or vegan diet.

If you want to go meat-free, take this journey one step at a time, at your own pace. 

You CAN do it.

And always remember that each step is an incredible step in the right direction for yourself and our planet.

I’ll be here to help you on your way, whilst I’m on mine. 


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