5 Spooky Halloween Treats

This past year has flown by (we can’t believe it!) Halloween is fast approaching and it’s one of our favourite times of year! It’s a great excuse to dress up, meet up and have fun with friends and family. But it’s also an amazing opportunity to unleash your creativity in the kitchen. Especially if you’ve got some parties to cater for or children to entertain. Though, we understand that coming up with unique, fun and creative ideas can be tricky. So, we hope these 5 examples of spooky Halloween treats help inspire you into action…

1. Picture Perfect Pumpkin Pies by Issy at Acorns and Custard:

halloween treats

These are insane; and particularly great if you’re a lover of pumpkin carving. Issy has made her pastry buy hand and filled it with a spiced pumpkin puree. Sounds like they’ll taste as good as they look right? Do you know what would be another delicious filling? Cinnamon apple, caramel and pecan – mmm…

2. Wicked Witch Hat Cupcakes by Shur to Please via Hostess with The Mostess

halloween treats

Double, double toil and trouble… aren’t these witch hats super loveable? They aren’t as tricky to make as they look either. All you need to do is make some chocolate cupcakes. Pipe on a swirl of purple buttercream using an ‘open star piping nozzle’; and top that with a giant chocolate button. Use an upside down black ice cream cone to resemble the hat. Then pipe on the details with different coloured icing. They’re too good to eat if you ask us! Take this one step by step and you’ll certainly have yourself a little showstopper for the table…

3. Monster Mash Brownies by Teri at Buy This Cook That:

halloween treats

If the last seemed too difficult then let’s take it down a notch with these funky monster brownies. You can use a shop bought brownie mix like Teri does or make your own – whatever suits you and your baking ability. Teri’s put some Reese’s Cups into the mix which sounds SO good – drooling at the thought. The icing is where this one gets fun though. Simply make a batch of frosting – you can follow Teri’s recipe here. Then half it and tint each half with a different colour. Teri uses Purple & Green Wilton Gel Icing colour – but think of all the other spooky colour combos there are. Top the brownie with the frosting whilst alternating the colours; and use a knife to swirl the colours into each other. Then decorate it with your choice of Halloween sprinkles, sweets and eyeball candy. The best thing is this one doesn’t have to be perfect – “you’ll catch on in a flash…then you can monster mash.”

4. Brilliant Bat Bites by Chelsea at Chelsea’s Messy Apron:

halloween treats

Only using 4 ingredients, these spooky bats sound delicious. Made up of mini Reese’s Cups, Oreos, frosting and edible eyes – they’re little pieces of chocolatey heaven. So simple to make, they’ll definitely keep you from going batty in the kitchen. Not sure we can say the same for ya taste buds though…

5. Pumpkin Pizza Mummies by Life Without Meat:

halloween treats

Finally, we have a spooky treat of our own to share – one that’s a bit more filling than the rest. Taking some of our favourite veggie pizza toppings like roasted pumpkin, butternut squash and feta. We’ve created a delicious puff pastry that oozes with flavour – it’ll have everyone asking for more. Even the kids! Find the recipe and method here…

Some great ideas huh? Hopefully they’ve got you inspired and ready to get creative. Remember Halloween and other seasonal celebrations are about having fun, so don’t let yourself stress out too much in the kitchen. Whatever you make will be fab. Just give yourself enough time, take it step by step and blast out some classic spooky tunes whilst you cook. Eeek, have an amazing and super fun Halloween! We’d love to see what you get up to in the kitchen so tag us on Instagram  for a chance to get featured.

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