Introducing my brand NEW Ebook, On A Budget To Save The Planet. It includes a budget-friendly two-week meal plan and shopping list to cater for 10 kids vegan meals that don’t cost the earth (literally).

On A Budget To Save The Planet is all about saving you time and cash when it comes to feeding your kids. I have put a lot of hard work and thought into creating ten fun-filled vegan kids meals which are comforting for this colder weather, substantial, easy and nutritious. 

What inspired this ebook?

I lost my dad at the age of six years old after he suddenly passed away from a heart attack. My mum and I received free school meals during my time in primary school. This support was vital to see us through a challenging number of years financially after his death.

Looking back, I was somewhat oblivious to the meaning of this support at the time – the significant difference it made to pupils’ wellbeing and the easing of financial stress it provided for our parent(s). 

No matter your background or salary, I understand how financial security can disappear. Whether parents make the right decisions or not about their finances, or if life suddenly takes a U-turn and leaves parents financially unstable, a child should NEVER be held accountable for that and go without food. 

After everything that has happened regarding the UK’s Free School Meals scheme, and the financial hardship and loss that Covid-19 has caused many, I thought about the different ways I could use my creative skills and passion for vegan cooking to provide additional support.

I did a lot of research and online ‘window shopping’ to see how far your money can stretch for a vegan diet. Then one thing led to another – cue the creation of this e-book!

On A Budget To Save The Planet includes:

  • An organised two-week shopping list to use in the UK’s leading supermarkets (tried and tested)
  • 10 FUN-filled vegan kids meals (Mon-Fri) – 4 portions in each meal (average cost of £1.50-1.75 per serving)
  • 10 thrifty shopping tips to help your money go further⠀
  • Cooking tips throughout the e-book alongside the recipes⠀
  • Nutrition labels and professional food photography for each meal

You can use this ebook over and over, for as long as you need it. Plus its easy-download makes it compatible with all devices.

An Ebook with meaningful impact:

Feeling Silly Mexican Chilli

Importantly, this e-book is also about providing additional support. When you’re busy looking after kids, finding time to sit down and meal-plan can be hard so I’ve saved you the job and done that for you. 

The e-book costs £3.99 and 50% of all profits made from this e-book will be donated to Fareshare each month – they’re the UK’s largest charity fighting hunger and food waste. They save good food from going to waste and redistribute it to frontline charities.

During the pandemic, they have seen demand for food skyrocket, particularly among frontline organisations providing food to children and their families. With the coronavirus pandemic pushing thousands of people into financial hardship, many more families are struggling to put food on the table. 

With 50% of profits going to Fareshare, it provides you with an opportunity to give back to a charity whose work has perhaps supported you, or someone you know (past, present and future). It’s an opportunity to say thank you for their hard work, all while benefiting from the e-book itself. 

Each recipe has a fun-filled name that kids will LOVE:

Secret Spy Shepherd’s Pie

Growing up, I was incredibly fussy with food.

On rare occasions, Mum treated me with a “Maccy Ds”, I would order a plain McDonalds – no sauce, no pickles – just a burger in a bap with chips. Then there was plain doughnuts and plain rice/pasta with no sauce. Plain EVERYTHING! 

I’ve come a VERY long way, and it’s funny to think I now have my own food blog and LOVE food.

I understand why kids refuse to eat certain food because I used to be one of them. I’m not really sure what the turning point for me was. However, cooking along with mum and family definitely helped. Even if sometimes I just watched. 

From “Let’s Go Crazy Lentil Bolognesey” to “Secret Spy Shepherd’s Pie”, each recipe in this ebook has a fun twist to make it more appealing for your kids. 

But there’s a little Psychology to it.

After reading more about how to make healthy vegan kids meals more appealing for them, I came across a few articles which discussed recent research by Cornell University Food and Brand Lab. In this study, kids ate twice as many “X-ray Vision Carrots” than they did when they were just labelled “carrots.” The results suggested that giving food fun names makes kids think it will be more fun to eat, and consequently makes them eat more of it.

Perhaps this is a simple solution to getting kids to eat more healthy foods? Having a creative imagination as a kid, I think it would have definitely encouraged me back in the day.

Since this ebook is dedicated to vegan kids meals, I took some time to come up with some fun names for each meal to make each one more appealing. Plus, I’ve included a number of cooking tips throughout for hiding vegetables and making them tastier. 


You’ll be able to buy it online, and it will be downloaded straight to your device. 

Whether you’re a full-fledged vegan or completely new to it, I hope this ebook inspires some new ideas and show you the added benefit that meal planning has for saving money when food shopping. 


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