Taco ‘bout exciting! The UK’s largest Mexican restaurant chain, Chiquito, launched their exciting and delicious new vegan menu today!

Chiquito has worked alongside several well-known UK vegan brands, such as Oatly and Oumph, to create this menu! They’ve worked together to introduce new plant-based proteins and vegan sauces to create fresh takes on their classic meaty favourites like fajitas and burritos.

Other innovative ingredients used on their vegan menu include fibre-rich jackfruit, the novel banana blossom, and delicate palm hearts.

chiquito-vegan-menuYou’ll be pleased to know it doesn’t stop at mains, as Chiquito have a handful of vegan starters and desserts for you to enjoy as well. Sweet treats include Churros served with a vegan chocolate sauce, vegan Lava Cake and vegan ice creams and sorbets.

In a statement sent to Vegan Food & Living, Chiquito’s Managing Director Angelo Gabrilatsou said their new vegan menu stays true to their core objective by “by driving innovation, accessibility and fun. Having guest choice at the heart and understanding growing trends, this menu allows Chiquito to be more accessible to guests that seek vegan options.”

So far, so good.

What Inspired Chiquito’s Vegan Menu?

We’ve seen the likes of Greggs, KFC, Wagamamas and Pizza Express (to name but a few) all offer vegan options. So what was it that inspired Chiquito to do the same?

According to Chiquito, 20% of Mexicans identified as vegetarian or vegan in 2018. Plant-based diets have existed in Mexico since early civilisation, and many foods used in Mexican cuisine today are vegan. For example, guacamole, beans and salsa. Now Mexicans are re-connecting with their vegan roots, Chiquito has launched a brand new vegan menu with exciting flavours and innovative creations to follow new trends and demand for vegan Mexican food.

Chiquito’s Managing Director, Angelo Gabrilatsou, further stated: “We are very fortunate that Mexican food lends itself very well to vegan and our new additions bring amazing tastes and textures, that will appeal not only to vegans but to all our guests.”

What’s on Chiquito’s Vegan Menu?

Here’s a low-down of the full menu – you’re welcome!


  • Vegan Nachos (£6.49) – Warm crispy nachos loaded with creamy guacamole, Pico de Gallo salsa, melted vegan cheese form Violife andtheir Oatly creamy vegan oat fraîche
  • Banana Blossom Croquette (£7.19) – The gorgeous texture and flavour of banana blossom fill Chiquito’s croquettes which are served with Oatly creamy oat fraîche and a side salad.
  • Sweet Potato Skins (£5.89) – Your Mexican sweet potato dreams have been answered. Loaded with a five bean chilli, Violife Cheddar-style cheese, Pico de Galla salsa, guacamole and – you guessed it – their Oatly creamy oat fraîche.
  • Cassava Fries (£6.49)Cassava-nother one of your fries? Chiquita has cut the root vegetable cassava into thick chips and loaded it with jackfruit chilli, Pico de Gallo salsa, and Violife vegan cheddar style cheese.



  • Vegaritto (£11.69) – Did someone say vegaritto? Here, Chiquito teams up with vegan brand Oumph to create a delicious vegan burrito. Loaded with black beans, jalapeño slaw, rice and greens wrapped in a spinach tortilla. Served with a side salad, tortilla chips and a side of their superstar Oatly creamy oat fraîche.
  • Jackfruit Baja Tacos (£5.99) – Rich in dietary fibre, Jackfruit chilli fills Chiquito’s tacos and are loaded with Violife vegan cheddar-style cheese, guacamole and Pico de Gallo Salsa.
  • Banana Blossom Burger (£14.49) – One for the win? A flakey, textured banana blossom burger patty topped with the delicious jalapeño slaw, greens and Violife vegan cream cheese in a sourdough bun. Served with a side of cassava fries.
  • Palm Heart Baja Bowl (£13.99) – Palm Hearts, pulses, black beans, greens and rice topped with jalapeño slaw. Served in a delicious pull-apart spinach tortilla bowl – talk about innovation!
  • Vegan Fiesta Fajita (£12.99) – All of the favourite flavours from Chiquito’s classic fajitas filled with smokey salty Oumph. Served with Violife vegan cheddar-style cheese and Oatly creamy oat fraîche.


  • Ice Cream And Sorbet (£2.19 one scoop, trio £4.49) – Passion fruit sorbet or coconut ice cream
  • Churros With Chocolate Sauce (£4.99) – Our favourite churros served with a vegan chocolate sauce.
  • Chocolate Coconut Lava Cake (£5.99) – Served warm with a melting top and choice of coconut ice cream or passion fruit sorbet.

Thanks to the versatility of Mexican food and the open-mindedness of those behind Chiquito, we can all now enjoy more of what we love.

So, are you gonna join me and book yourself a table?


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