seasonal food

Seasonal Eating by Month: November

With Winter and Christmas (gulp) just around the corner, this is the perfect month to snuggle up with heart-warming comfort foods and good company. Can you believe it’s Christmas next month?! Madness – where does the time go ey? Even though our favourite Summer fruits are long gone, November offers you the joys of apple, […]

5 Very Tasty Veggie Tacos

Hola amigo! Here we are again sharing some delicious meatless alternatives to your favourites. Keeping you inspired and motivated to maintain a life without meat is what Sunday Shares are all about. This time, we have some tasty lookin’ veggie tacos to excite ya senses. These Mexican hand-held meals with their endless amount of topping […]

creamy shrimp pasta

5 Creamy Shrimp Pasta Craves

There’s something about creamy pasta dishes that gets us going. They’re rich, full of flavour and manage to hit the spot every time. There’s many benefits of going pescatarian before vegetarian. And we don’t doubt these 5 creamy shrimp pasta recipes will keep your mid-week carb cravings satisfied. They all use a different type of […]

fake meat

Why Do Veggies & Vegans Eat Fake Meat?

Fake meat is strikingly like the real thing. This often leaves meat-eaters questioning why veggies and vegans want to eat something so similar to what they abstain from. Ultimately, veggies and vegans didn’t give up meat because they didn’t enjoy the taste and texture (though some might have). Most of the time you give it […]