What do you do?

To sum my work up in one, let’s call me a Creative Freelance

Here at Life Without Meat, I’m a recipe developer, food stylist, food photographer and content creator.

I’ve collaborated with a number of food brands on Instagram but I’d like to further build my brand portfolio. I can use my creative skills in photography, videography and recipe creation to support food brands on a freelance basis. Alternatively, I can work with brands on Instagram through my blog whose views align with that of Life Without Meat.

I also love to travel. In the past, I have worked with travel brands such as Euroventure and Ireland Before You Die. I’m passionate about showcasing the vegetarian and vegan offerings of countries I visit which also inspire new recipes for the blog. Plus, the natural colour palettes of the world inspire new pieces of art work for my charitable shop where 5% of monthly profits go to animal rights charities.

Kindness and compassion fall at the heart of Life Without Meat. Therefore, I like to share advice on ethical animal tourism within my travel articles too. Including ways we can nurture the natural habitats and animals we meet whilst travelling. How we can stay mindful of the many species and natural ecosystems we share this planet with, all of whom play an important role in our survival as humans. I’d like to give back to them by sharing advice on the big and small things we can do to help species survive and thrive in the countries we visit. Including the dedicated local organisations we can support to sustain care when we aren’t there. If this is an area you’d like to work together on, I’d love to offer my creative skills in showcasing this aspect of your country.

I’ve taken my creative skills and passion for veganism one step further and offer bespoke ethical wedding photography, vegan cakes and art commissions over at GMG Creative learn more here. 

Whichever way you feel I could help, drop me a message and we can have a chat.

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