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Creative & Attractive Food Photography, Belfast

Attractive food improves its appeal, its taste and its value. So let’s start by creating beautiful food photography for you.

Presentation is key when it comes to food don’t you think? You can cook an amazing meal which leaves people wanting more. But does your menu and photography grab people’s attention in the first place? Food photos are always one of the first things people look at when researching restaurants and food brands. Attractive food photos will increase food’s appeal. So how do I do this?

The essence of food photography is showcasing your food to look as good as it tastes. That means capturing not only the food, but the ingredients, the flavours, the colours, the taste, the eating experience and the food’s mood – engaging all of one’s senses in a photo. With creative food styling, I create food photography which tells the story of its creation. For restaurants, I incorporate the dining context and atmosphere into my creative vision.

For restaurants, I work on an hourly basis or can curate a monthly package suited to your needs and budget. 

For food product brands, food photography and recipe creation can be produced remotely and sent to you in digital format. Please drop me an email if you’re interested in working with me. 

If your restaurant or food brand boasts wonderful vegan options, we can go one step further and arrange a review to be featured on the blog.

"Such a great resource and wonderful review platform!"

Sarah Holloway, Matcha Mylkbar

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