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Celebrate Your Pet with a Custom Pet Portrait by a vegan artist in the UK


Pet Portraits Services

As a multi-talented creative, I have taken my passion for veganism and love of animals one step further to offer bespoke pet portraits across the UK.

I specialise in creating intuitive custom pet portraits that capture the unique personality of your beloved pet(s). As a vegan artist based in the UK, I ensure that every piece of art is crafted with compassion and care.

✔ Custom Pet Portraits: Hand-painted portraits in a range of mediums tailored to your pet’s likeness. 

✔ Dog Portraits: Most reputed for my dog paintings, I specialise in capturing the essence of your canine companions. However, I’m happy to commission for any pet of yours.

✔ Personalised Pet Portraits: Unique and individual portraits for all types of pets. I stick to realistic colours for the portrait itself. However, for the abstract placement of colours, I work in collaboration with you. I’m happy to incorporate their personality into the choices of colour; or perhaps you want something that’s in keeping with your home interiors?

✔ Pet Portraits UK & Beyond: Serving pet owners across the UK and beyond with custom, high-quality art. My services can be shipped to Europe and overseas too but additional delivery charges may apply.  

✔ Original: Each order is a unique hand-painted, made to order pet portrait using mixed mediums.

✔ High-Quality: Your portrait is on traditional watercolour paper; 300g/m 140lb) paper quality (vegan)

Simply send me a high-quality photo of your favourite animal or pet, and I’ll work my magic. 



Nature-Inspired Pet Portraits

I’m a visual vegan artist who creates intuitive, abstract custom pet portraits and animal portraits. Mainly using mixed medium of watercolour, pencil and acrylic, I explore the subject with different textures and emotion.

Passionate about travel and being at one with nature, I’m continually inspired by the natural colour palettes of the world we live in. I like to hear and see the present moment and colorfully translate it into my art. 

Spending time outdoors provides me with an opportunity to reflect on the instinct interconnectedness we all share with surrounding nature and wildlife. I expand and respect this connection through my art by using only vegan and cruelty-free art supplies.

“Since I decided to go vegan, I’ve made a commitment to live more sustainable in both my personal and professional life. Central to the ethos of all my work, is the importance of using ethical and sustainable approaches in all areas to make a positive impact on the world.”



Why choose vegan art?

Choosing vegan art supplies and materials ensures our love and respect for animals is reflected in the process of creating pet and animal portraits. 

Veganism is key in food for obvious reasons, but also in artwork.

Many high-end art suppliers use animal ingredients because their production methods are based on traditional recipes which stem back hundreds of years. For example, paints, colour pigments, mediums, and even papers used in artwork may contain bone char, gelatine, ox gall, rabbit collagen, beeswax, carmine, and shellac. Natural paintbrushes are made from the hair of sables, pigs, and squirrels.

Traditional doesn’t necessarily mean better, and I believe, a good artist can make do with whatever tools are available. Therefore, researching the best vegan-friendly alternatives is an integral part of my work to ensure these methods are avoided.

My goal is to create beautiful and lasting memories through my pet portraits, while also advocating for compassion towards all living beings.



How to Order Your Custom Pet Portrait

1. Decide on the subject matter and style for your pet portrait: Take a look at my existing portfolio of pet portraits and styles you like the look of, let me know what you like about them as this helps me understand your preference. Then choose the subject.

2. Choose a size: Pricing for art commissions vary depending on size, but it’s about choosing the best size for your wall space.

3. Order Using the form below: Place your order at the bottom of this page. Then send me a well-lit and good quality photograph of your pet or animal of choice from the same email you order with. Send me one or two photos, and I’ll be in touch to decide on the one which best suits your preferred style.

4. Payment: I’ll create and send an invoice for payment and confirmation of order. 

5. Completion date: Please allow up to 8 weeks for your commission to be completed (though it may be sooner depending on business). I will give you an estimated completion time in the previous step.  

6. Delivery: I’ll securely and professionally wrap your art with biodegradable and recyclable packaging and send it via Royal Mail, 24-hour tracked delivery within the U.K. Deliveries outside the U.K may be subject to additional charges.

7. Feedback: Your feedback is incredibly important, so I ask you to leave me a review on social media, tag me in your photos or send me a review via email which I can include in my testimonials!


My business provides another way to buy ethically. I use sustainable methods and materials which aim to have the smallest possible impact on the environment.


Being vegan, I've ensured my business is, as far as is possible and practicable, vegan and cruelty-free. I don't use animal-tested or derived ingredients or materials in my work.


To maximise my input and support causes I believe in, I also donate 5% of my monthly profits (from all work) to charity.

Pet Portrait Portfolio

Browse through some of the pet portraits I’ve created for clients across the UK.


Nice Words From Happy Clients

Georgia created an absolutely beautiful watercolour of our family dog, Lyra. Georgia was incredibly considerate of our personal tastes by helping us to decide on a style that we loved, and the painting was affordable and of exceptional quality. My mum was so happy when she received it and it has taken pride of place in the kitchen. II honestly cpuldn't reccomend Georgia enough - she is caring, professional and hugely talented.



I got a painting done as a wedding gift - the service was amazing as was the end product. Georgia was fabulous at taking my sometimes vague ideas and working with me to transform them into something gorgeous - a true artist! Can't recommend enough!



I cannot thank Georgia enough for the incredible watercolour portrait she created. She was so easy to contact and has some great ideas as well as listening to exactly what I wanted the piece to look like... It's a very special painting for me because the memory is so precious, Georgia captured the moment and emotions perfectly. I would reccomend Georgia to anyone looking for a special piece of art that will be made with care and love.


Surrey, UK


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