What a lovely little place to eat. Just steps away from St. Kilda beach, Matcha Mylkbar has an awesome message to share which is very similar to that of Life Without Meat. Let me tell you more about that later though…

The Vibes:

First, Matcha Mylkbar boasts a relaxed chic dining experience. The interior is quite industrial looking with its grey charcoal walls, clean lines, metal frameworks and neon lights. But hanging flowers and rustic wooden floors give a little boho spin on things. I found that every small detail ties in well with the overall restaurant theme. From funky metal cutlery to comical menu names (more on that in a minute). They played some great 90s classics too – couldn’t help but bob along to the tunes whilst I waited for my food.


The Service:

This place offers traditional table service with a small front of house team. Even though seemed to work well together, there was only one staff member taking orders and clearing tables(?) She seemed a little flustered at times, but I could understand why. Despite this, the staff were very smiley, enthusiastic and very approachable. It’s a refreshing dining experience when the staff clearly enjoy their job. Nothing worse than miserable staff right?

The Food:

Not only do they have a great message to share, but great food too! One of the first things I noticed were the names they gave their drinks and food on the menu. Full of foodie puns and play on words which made me giggle whilst choosing what to order – loved it. Their smoothie, “Keep Your Eyes Off The Road Rhonda” was delicious – full of mango, banana, pineapple, coconut milk, flax seed and ginseng. Then topped with coconut shavings and dried fruits. It also came in this funky skull jar which I wanted to take home with me!


If choosing a smoothie didn’t take long enough, I then had to choose which meal to get! Don’t know about you, but I can be so indecisive when it comes to food… They had loads to choose from including all these amazing buddha bowls. But the Jackfruit Burger caught my eye most. The description of “slowly braised jackfruit” and “konjac bacon” was too intriguing not to give it a try. When it arrived, the bright green Matcha brioche bun made the whole meal pop with colour. Then the flavoursome “meaty” fillings made my mouth water… Honestly, it was the most delicious vegan meat-like burger I have tried so far! The “Jake Cheese”, pickled red onion and spicy adobo sauce were really tasty and created this wonderful combination of flavour. It just left me wondering how I could re-create it… Ah, and then I had the nice n crispy sweet potato fries on the side – what a godsend!

The Damage:

$12 for the smoothie and $20 for the burger might make some argue it’s a pricey lunch. However, you’re more or less on the seafront with the opportunity to enjoy some delicious plant-based food. It’s worth it – trust me…


Should I go to Matcha Mylkbar?

Hmmm, let me think about that… hell yeah! Definitely babe. Great location. Great food. What about their awesome message I’ve kept banging on about in this review? Like us, Matcha Mylkbar is a huge advocate of life without meat, but with more focus on a plant-based diet. But it’s more the way they put this message across which won us over. When you visit, you’ll notice their big neon middle finger salute outside. You guessed it… it’s their way of putting their middle finger up to unethically treated animals and unsustainable mass production of meat. So much sass! I love them so matcha, and I’m sure you will too!


72A Acland Street, St Kilda, Victoria
(03) 9534 1111



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