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I spent a long weekend in Düsseldorf at the end of February with close friends. As a city, Dusseldorf boasts some amazing architecture, a lively night life, and an arty boho scene that rivals many other cities. All of which we had the pleasure to experience. During my visit, our friend took us to a vegan restaurant called Sattgrün which she had been to loads whilst doing veganuary. There are a few chains of this restaurant in Düsseldorf but we visited the one on the corner of Brückenstraße. It sits by the now famous Medienhafen – an old harbour that is now home to lots of architecture, restaurants, hotels and bars…

Sattgrün is a modern restaurant with a city chic interior. Warm lighting, comfy seating and friendly staff all give this place a relaxed and cool vibe. I loved all the fun little foodie cartoon illustrations they had dotted about the walls too. They also had this quote written on the wall saying “Until every cage is empty”. I didn’t notice it until after eating, but I thought it was a nice touch as it reminds you of why this restaurant exists. It also made you feel good post-dinner knowing the food you ate was animal-friendly.

sattgrun dusselfdorf

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We visited late evening on a Sunday so it wasn’t that busy and we were seated immediately. The restaurant is a buffet-style service where you choose your plate size (small, medium, large), load it up with food and then pay after. I had a medium plate with a drink and it came to €11.90 which I thought was good value.

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I was so impressed with the food. They offered hot and cold dishes which I had a mixture of so my meal exploded with flavour. From the hot dishes, I had some crispy roast potatoes cooked in almonds; citrus infused red cabbage; rice; and a couple of vegetable curries. The Thai vegetable curry was particularly tasty. It was full of courgette, carrot, chick peas and lentils, all in a creamy sauce which oozed with nutty and creamy coconut flavour. The peanut satay-style Seitan ‘chicken’ strips were also impressive and tasted great. Seitan is a popular meat substitute made from the protein part of wheat. It had such a similar texture to meat, I felt like I was eating the real thing – very weird. From their cold selection, I had some homemade pesto pasta and a couscous salad infused with fresh mint, coriander, tomato and herbs. Both of which were delicious. They also had a range of vegan dressings and sauces to enjoy like Aioli…

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Overall, I enjoyed my meal here and despite having a plate full of light vegan food, I was so full. I had great fun exploring the new flavours and food combinations Sattgrün offered – it was delicious. I would definitely recommend you visit next time you’re in the city. You can find out more on their website below:

Sattgrün, Brueckenstr. 12, 40221 Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany,

+(49)159 23 290



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