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Getting creative in the kitchen at Christmas can be super fun and incorporating the theme of Christmas into your food presentation is certainly one way to impress your dinner guests this season. With these creative ideas, the Christmas tree doesn’t just have to be the home for all the presents; you can create edible Christmas Trees for the table too… 

1. Bread Christmas Tree Sharer by Eclectic Everyday:

pull apart xmas tree

Check out this quick and easy pull-apart Christmas Tree appetiser for the table. It’s simply dough balls arranged in the formation of a Christmas Tree, baked in the oven, and then brushed with a glaze of melted garlic butter and sprinkled with a sprinkling of fresh basil and rosemary – sounds delicious! It’s served with a side of marinara sauce for dipping. If you wanted, you could get even more creative with alternative bread doughs and flavourings. A gorgeous herby focaccia dough would go great with a side of olive tapenade; or you could even go sweet and serve warm cinnamon dusted dough balls with a vanilla cream dip.

2. Christmas Trees with Chocolate Orange Cream by A Recipe for Aperture:

xmas tree puds

If you’re looking for a dessert show-stopper, then these Christmas Tree inspired puddings will go down a treat and look fab! They sound scrumptious – a mini pot of chocolate orange cream, topped with a chocolate covered sugar cone that’s decorated with crushed smarties. They’re a great idea and are simple to make too! With tonnes of colour and festive charm, these will definitely give your guests something to talk about at the table.

3. Christmas Tree Cheese Board by Kraft

xmas tree xheese board

What’s Christmas without a great selection of cheese? This is a far from boring way to present your cheese board this year; and it’s just a case of arranging your cheese and grapes in rows on a platter to resemble a Christmas tree shape! Bearing in mind the vast range of cheeses available, it doesn’t matter what cheese you’re planning to serve and it doesn’t necessarily have to be cut in neat cubes. Just as long as your Christmas tree shape is defined and distinguishable, you’re onto a winner!

4. Fruit Christmas Tree by Tasty Kitchen:


Maybe you’re wanting a healthy option for guests this year? Here, Natalie from Tasty Kitchen has created a Fruit Christmas Tree which isn’t too tricky to make. It would make a lovely centre piece for the dessert table, or even make a nice fruity snack for an evening of festive drinks.  Natalie also describes it as a fun and festive way to encourage your children to eat more fruit.

5. Sushi Christmas Tree:

Photo Credit: mytechref.com
Photo Credit: mytechref.com

Sushi is great and what a lovely idea this is for all the sushi lovers out there! You could serve either fish sushi for a Pescatarian diet, or simply stick with vegetarian sushi – up to you. There’s a lot of sushi recipes out there so do a little digging and find one you like the sound of. Traditionally, we often see a lot of smoked salmon served at Christmas and this would be a nice way of introducing a little Japanese twist to those traditions. It would be best served as an appetiser for guests to help themselves! It looks like this sushi is piled in odd numbers starting with 9 pieces of sushi at the bottom. For the star, you can cut some slices of mango into star shapes. The ‘caviar’ garnish which look like tiny baubles can be made out of some juice. Mango or cranberry juice would be nice and you’d get the mix of yellow and red colours. Find out how to make this here. Don’t forget to serve your sushi Christmas tree with a side dish of soya sauce, and a little wasabi.


O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree… enjoy incorporating some festive ideas into your food presentation this season – we hope this gave you a little inspiration!



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