Going veggie or vegan can be pretty daunting for the everyday meat-eater. But there’s good reason and many benefits of living life without meat. We are seeing far more people embrace a plant-based diet, and with it seeing food become more versatile and used in lots of exciting ways. In particular, there’s massive hype around the unbelievable fake meats on the market.

But why do veggies and vegans enjoy eating “fake” meat? Hmmm… if that’s a question you want the answer to then you should read this.

This list of “meaty” meals will leave you second-guessing and your bellies rumbling. But more importantly, you’ll be be amazed by how meaty a life without meat can be…

1. Chorizo Style Seitan Hot Dogs with Caramelised Cider Onions by Gaz at Avant-Garde Vegan

fake meats

A meal fit for fooling a group of meat-eating mates – these seitan hot dogs are bound to go down a treat. Seitan a.k.a wheat meat is textured wheat protein. With no shortage of flavour in recipes, it’s surprisingly similar to the taste and texture of meat; and contains a high amount of protein. Which is why it’s becoming increasingly popular in veggie and vegan diets.

2. Meaty-looking Gyros by Ania at Lazy Cat Kitchen

fake meats

That is not pulled pork, but the infamous Asian Jackfruit! Yes, you’re looking at a fruit – would you believe it? It’s a very versatile fruit which can be used in both sweet and savoury cooking. It’s also very high in dietary fiber and other nutrients. When cooked, its texture can replicate pulled or shredded meat almost exactly. Which is why it’s so popular in veggie and vegan cooking!

3. The Ultimate Veggie Burger by Dana at the Minimalist Baker

fake meats

Some veggie burgers can be disappointing. Often because their fragile textures mean they don’t hold up well on the grill. During our time living life without meat, we have come across some insane veggie burgers! By insane, we mean they’re delicious; and their colour and texture is so deceiving we thought we were eating meat! We find the best recipes often use black beans and a mixture of smoky warm spices. These crowd-pleasing grillable veggie burgers by Dana can be cooked like normal burgers; and guess what? Each patty has 14 grams of protein!

4. Spaghetti and “Meatballs” by Bianca at fitness_bianca

fake meats

Sure, you’d definitely have a good chance of fooling your meat-eating friends with this saucy dish of spaghetti and no-meat balls. Seasoned with all the traditional Italian herbs and served with a fresh tomato sauce, they look delicious. Just look at that meat-like texture! Bianca, like Dana, has used black beans to create these…

5. Sexy Spag Bol by Life Without Meat

fake meats

Following on with a little twist of Italian, here’s our meatless alternative to traditional Spaghetti Bolognese. We’ve used Quorn mince in this recipe which is a great veggie alternative to minced beef. Plus, there’s many benefits of cooking with Quorn too. Using all the traditional herbs and spices and served with a fine glass of red and rennet-free parmesan, this dish would make a lovely dinner for two. Find the recipe and method here.

6. Bacon Rashers by The Edgy Veg

fake meats

Most veggie newbies could agree that bacon is one of the main meats they miss. Though not the healthiest, people all around the world fantasise about bacon. We can’t help but think of that famous scene from US Wife Swap some years back – you know the one? Where young King Curtis threatens to run away after his bacon’s taken away – let us remind you:


The Edgy Veg have brought together ingredients to create the BEST ever vegan bacon. With a smoky, salty and slightly sweet flavour, it’s very similar to the real thing – even King Curtis would be happy…

7. Satay Kebabs with Spicy Peanut Sauce by Johanne at SunnysideHanne

fake meats

So far so good? Isn’t it amazing what meatless meats you can create? Here’s another seitan creation which is truly deceptive. Can you believe these satay kebabs aren’t meat? Bet they taste great dipped in that peanut sauce (cue the drool).

8. Tandoori Tofu Tikka Masala by Sanjana at Korasoi

fake meats

Then there’s these authentic Tandoori kebabs and curry! Bet you had to look twice at this one ey? For this recipe, Sanjana has used Tofu puffs. Again they’re very high in protein as tofu is made from soy beans. You can often find tofu puffs in your local chinese supermarket. Isn’t it good to know you can still enjoy your favourite curries whilst living life without meat?

9. Fish ‘n’ Chips by Gaz at Avant-Garde Vegan

fake meats

We recently saw this recipe of Gaz’s featured on the front cover of the Cook Vegan magazine. This is the second feature for him on our list, but you gotta give it to him. He’s extremely talented at creating meat-free and vegan alternatives to the classics. For him, he explains fish and chips was a meal he missed when he first went vegan, but he’s done a fantastic job at creating this tofu version. The beer batter sounds great too…

10. Spicy Sweet Indonesian Kebabs by Ira at Cooking Tackle

fake meats

Finally, we had to show-off the wonders of Tempeh. Tempeh is made from fermented whole soybeans and formed into a patty. Despite Tempeh and Tofu being made from the same thing, they are both very different. Where tofu can vary from soft to firm depending on the type you get, Tempeh is often described as hearty. It’s got a varied texture and much stronger taste. Ira creates these traditional Sweet n Spicy Indonesian Skewers with it – don’t they look super tasty?

All of these recipes look too good not to try. If you want to have a go yourself you can buy the main ingredients in the shops – particularly black beans, firm tofu, and quorn mince. Tofu puffs, seitan and jackfruit are likely to be found in your local international supermarkets. You can also buy them online if it’s easier:

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Happy Cooking!


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