If you saw Fearne Cotton cooking her squash and mushroom casserole for Phil and Holly on This Morning, you might be wondering when you can get your hands on the recipe.

You’ll be pleased to know Cotton’s new vegan cookbook, ‘Happy Vegan’, which features 100 vegan recipes is now available to buy.

Source: Instagram, @fearnecotton

Fearne Cotton, who is best known as a TV presenter and for her appearances on Celebrity Juice, has an extensive portfolio of books under her name already. Founder of Happy Place, she focuses on themes of healthy minds, friendship and well-being. It’s only in recent years that’s she’s digressed into cooking.

‘Happy Vegan’ features an array of simple recipes, flexible options and fresh ideas for comforting and easy vegan eating. According to the book’s description, it’s packed with dishes that “will become your everyday favourite and go-to fridge raiders.”

Is Fearne Cotton vegan?

The simple answer is no.

In an interview with The Independent back in 2017, she stated that she “loves the idea of it and for sustainability and the planet, it’s amazing,” but she describes it as being “quite tricky.”

She said, “I like to implement a lot of vegan cooking when I can, but I’m not strict. I eat fish and dairy occasionally.” For her, she describes it’s all about mixing things up and maintaining her energy levels. Which reaffirms her existing ethos of doing “whatever makes you feel good.”

An Imperfect Vegan

Source: Instagram, @fearnecotton

With a wide variety of recipes, from burgers to brownies and casseroles to cakes, ‘Happy Vegan’ shows vegan food is for everyone. No matter what stage you’re at along the journey.

Indeed, Cotton spoke about the book saying:

“Whether you’re a fully-fledged and dedicated vegan, someone that eats vegan when cooking at home but veers off when out and about, or completely new to vegan food, I hope you enjoy the process of recreating these recipes and ultimately of eating the finished results.”

You can order the book here:


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